Samyun Wan ( 20 caps)

Samyun Wan has made a revolutionary breakthrough in the field of natural supplements for athletes and those who simply want to keep themselves in shape.

The composition of this tool is nothing superfluous, no chemistry, only vitamins, minerals and essential trace elements !

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Nutrition Facts :

Radix codonopsis pilosulae ― 120mg
Rhizoma atractylodis macrocephalae ― 60mg
Fructus chaenomelis speciosa ― 60mg
Radix astragali seu hedysari ― 25mg
Radix panax ginseng ― 10mg
Cornu cervi pantotrichum ― 5mg

Thanks to the natural additive Samyun Wan, you can:
Increase appetite
Improve metabolism
Improve muscle growth
Improve the growth of power indicators.
You can observe the increase in energy and endurance.

Due to its natural composition, Samyun Wan acts locally and powerfully. Recommendations for use (how to take): Rules of application. Wash down the capsule with water, with a small amount of liquid 1 time per day, in the morning after breakfast. Side effects With prolonged use in particularly high doses, allergic reactions are possible. Contraindications. Pregnancy, breastfeeding, children up to 8 years.

OTHER COLOR CAPSULE: Take only in case of severe weakness or fatigue, otherwise save the capsule for a suitable occasion (even if the packaging is over).

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