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DMAA HCL Hardcore for intensive workouts, for energy training and for the desired release of excess fat in a short time.
The liquid form is effective after 15 minutes.

DMA has established itself as a very effective and effective additive.
It is not surprising that, of all energy and stimulants in the entire history of mankind
The substance has a sufficient dose of caffeine and many other stimulants.

If you want to cheer up before training or performance, maybe you have a hard job and you want to work more efficiently?
In all these situations, DMAA HCL Hardcore will be on top and take you to new heights of productivity!

Using the liquid form, you can use the “Under tongue” method of reception.
The principle of reception "Under the tongue" is quite simple. When Liquid DMAA HCL HARDCORE comes into contact with the oral mucosa, the substance is absorbed into the epithelium at the bottom of the tongue.
In this area of ​​the tongue there is a high density of blood vessels and, as a result, the substance is rapidly introduced into the venous circulation and throughout the body by penetration.
You can also just drink a portion of a bottle or dilute a portion with water.

Effects of use:
- strong energization
- increase mental concentration
- increased strength and endurance
- increase in working capacity
- improving mood

Dosage and administration:
Should be consumed before physical activity.
or as needed, 10-15 minutes before the load or start.
1 portion = 5 ml.
Do not consume more than 2 servings per day and less than 5 hours before bedtime.

Increased blood pressure, diseases of the cardiovascular system, kidney, liver, pregnancy,
age up to 18 years, intolerance to the components of the product.

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