AMP Citrate HCL Liquid 100mg x10

Unique code: AMP Citrate Liquid
Brand: Epic Labs
Manufacturer Country: USA

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This energetic was developed to replace the geranium oil extract, which is familiar to many people, since it was included in the list of prohibited substances in many sports.

In fact, AMP Citrate has the same chemical formula that differs from DMAA only in the absence of additional carbon.
ILA is very similar in effect to DMAA and its recommended dosages are the same as those of its predecessor from geranium oil.

If you are a pro athlete and you need a legal source of explosive energy, endurance, a good attitude to work, which will take you to another level, then the AMP Citrate is 100% suitable for this!

If you are an ordinary person who goes to work and to the gym, and you also want to energize yourself before training or in the office, this drug will be very useful in such situations, and you will forget about coffee for energy.

The effect of this supplement is much more interesting, and considering all its advantages and cost per serving (which is lower than a cup of coffee), the AMP Citrate from Epic Labs is undoubtedly a great option!

Effects of use:
- increase energy
- increase endurance
- improving mood
- improving performance
- reduction of hunger
- promotes weight loss
- incredible concentration and attention
- increase sports anger

Composition per serving 5 ml. :
AMP Citrate 100 mg.
Water, ascorbic acid, natural and identical natural flavors, sucralose.

Recommendations for use and dosages:
Should be taken for 20-30 minutes before physical activity,
or as needed during loss of strength and lethargy, but not less than 5 hours before bedtime.
To accept no more than one portion, 5 ml !!!

Hypersensitivity to components, arterial hypertension,
cardiovascular diseases, pregnancy, age up to 18 years,
diseases of the nervous system.

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