NeoTan™ ( Melanotan-2 ) 10mg

NeoTan™ (Melanotan-2) is a synthetic analog of the naturally occurring peptide hormone melanocortin, which stimulates and intensifies skin tan through stimulation of melanin secretion.

Melanotan-2 was developed at the University of Arizona. Researchers claimed that administration of this synthetic peptide into the body could cause sunless tanning. Thus, with the help of this drug it is possible to get beautiful tanning and escape dangerous UV exposure, which can later lead to skin cancer (melanoma). On May 5, 2010 the Italian Medicines Agency (AIFA - Agenzia Italiana del Farmaco) became the first governmental health organization ever to authorize Melanotan-2 as a medicine for therapeutic use to reduce painful photosensitivity.

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In addition to sunless tannin, Melantan-2 causes a fairly strong increase in Libido (sex drive) in both men and women.

The main effects of Melanotan-2 include tanning (without or with less frequent visiting of a tanning salon, without sunbathing), melanoma (skin cancer) prevention, increase in Libido (the drug is now being tested as a medicine for treatment of male impotency), and decrease of appetite.


NeoTan™ dosage regimen:

1 mg every day until necessary tan color is obtained. The results appear gradually within 1-3 weeks. To accelerate pigmentation it is possible to visit a tanning salon (up to 3 times per week) or to sunbathe. When necessary tan color is obtained, the drug can be administered 1-2 times per week (to maintain an obtained result some people do not even need to have further injections; it is enough to visit a tanning salon or to sunbathe for them).

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