NeoFragment ( HGH Fragment 176-191 ) 5mg

Fragment 176-191 is a stabilized analog of the factor, which stimulates Growth hormone secretion (somatoliberin). The scientists of the Monash University, Victoria, discovered that the GH effect of fat mass reduction is controlled by the small region near the end of GH molecule. This region consists of 176-191 amino acids, which is less than 10% of the total size of the GH molecule, and does not influence growth and insulin resistance.

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Therefore, this drug has one single effect. It stimulates lipolysis (12.5 times stronger than GH) and significantly slows down lipogenesis (formation of fatty acids). Fragment 176-191 has neither other affects, nor side effects of the Growth hormone (for example, impaired control of blood glucose level). That is why this drug can be viewed to as an ideal drug for getting rid of excess fat. Some scientists declared that regular use of Fragment 176-191 could increase the level of IGF-1 and help to slow down aging processes.

Fragment 176-191 Fragment 176-191 of GH dosage regimen:

  • 1000 mcg before breakfast
  • 1000 mcg before lunch
  • 1000 mcg 30 minutes before training

The dosage is 3000 mcg per 24 hours (5000 mcg in some cases), 7 days per week, subcutaneously. If there is no training, you can have no injection on such a day or have 2 injections of 1500 mcg.

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