GeTropin 10IU - 1 vial

GeTropin contains growth hormone (STH), which is completely identical to the growth hormone produced in the human body. The drug has a high level of purity of the substance - 98%, which guarantees a good effect.

The kit includes:
10 ampoules of 10 IU of growth hormone in the form of a lyophilisate this form dissolves well.

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The growth hormone in GeTropin acts similarly to natural growth hormone. In sports, it is used to increase muscle growth and to actively burn excess fat. This helps to get a beautifully textured body. All due to the fact that growth hormone activates lipolysis - the process of burning fat cells.

Another important property of growth hormone is aging retardation. Growth hormone injections help to maintain youthfulness and improve skin condition. This happens, among other things, by stimulating collagen production. This property also helps maintain health and strengthen cartilage, ligaments and joints. In general, the course of growth hormone helps to increase the stamina and overall tone of the body.

The beneficial properties of growth hormone also include:

    increased appetite (good for muscle gain);
    strengthening of bone tissue;
    increased liver protection (hepatoprotective effect);
    reduction of inflammatory processes in the body.

Mode of application :

The dosage of growth hormone depends on the purpose of use. The standard dosage regimen: 2-5 IU per day, depending on your weight and goals. The injection is done at one time or halved.
Intramuscular injections !
The optimal time is before or after 1-1.5 hours after a meal. At least 3-4 hours should pass between injections. This time is needed so that the body has time to develop its own growth hormone before its next intake from the outside. The duration of the course from 90 up to 180 days.

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