NeoTropin 100IU

Trade name of drug - NeoTropin


Lyophilized powder in 10 IU vials.

Other components: 18 mg mannitol, 3 mg sodium phosphate (0.36 monobasic sodium phosphate and 2.64 dibasic sodium phosphate).


Vials of lyophilized powder for preparation of 10IU solution for injection. Packed in a carton of 10 or 25 vials.

Pharmacological properties

NeoTropin stimulates linear growth and increases body height. These were tested on children with endogenous growth hormone deficiency. In adults with growth hormone deficiency, NeoTropin promotes fat loss and muscle mass gain, improves energy usage, and has positive impact on

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NeoTropin is produced by recombinant DNA technology. It contains high-purity human growth hormone (HGH) consisting of 191 amino acids. The amino acid composition of NeoTropin is equal to human growth hormone secreted by a human pituitary gland. NeoTropin is freeze-dried aseptically packed powder.

Therapeutic Indications

Growth impairment resulted from disorders of growth hormone secretion and development of the gonads or Turner syndrome, which resulted from deviation in chromosomes; also used to accelerate growth of children with open epiphyseal plates. Growth impairment in children associated with renal insufficiency. It is also used in replacement therapy in adults with severe growth hormone deficiency.

The drug stimulates healing of injuries, slows down catabolism in patients with severe burns, systemic infection, multiple traumas and in patients withstood surgery, with severe pancreatitis, GI tract fistula. The drug is used to heal severe wounds, chronic ulcers, burns, diabetic ulcers, and chronic venous ulcers.

Anti-aging effect. The drug helps to reduce and prevent wrinkles, and has other positive effects on skin.

The drug helps to decrease excessive body fat especially abdominal fat (abdominal fat decrease is the strongest and most visible effect of NeoTropinÒ). Its ability to inhibit insulin activity in glucose transportation through a cell membrane is used. This makes the cells switch to alternative energy source, which is fat.

It also helps to increase muscle mass (and physical strength if reasonable physical exercises are practiced). It also helps all internal organs that atrophied with aging to re-grow. The drug helps to increase bone density.


NeoTropin human growth hormone is contraindicated in patients with any kind of tumors or with disposition to tumors, or if there any signs of possible tumor formation. NeoTropin is contraindicated in patients who have intracranial injuries. Anticancer therapy must be finished before the start of therapy with NeoTropin.


For patients with pancreatic diabetes, the insulin dose should be corrected before the start of therapy with NeoTropin. For patients with renal insufficiency, kidney function should be tested before the start of therapy with NeoTropin. Therapy must be stopped after kidney transplantation. If you become pregnant during therapy with NeoTropin, you should stop its administration and consult with your doctor. It is not recommended that you administrate NeoTropin during nursing a baby because somatropin can easily excrete in breast milk.

Ability to Drive and Use Machines (Mechanisms)

NeoTropin does not affect an ability to drive and use machines (mechanisms).


This drug is injected subcutaneously with an insulin syringe. To inject the drug, you can also use Neojex needle-free injector made by Neo Labs. Slowly shaking a vial, dissolve the powder with water for injections. Do not shake too intensively to avoid denaturation of the drug active constituents. Choose the spot for injection and wipe it with alcohol. Inject the needle at 45-90-degree angle. Slowly push the drug. NeoTropin should be injected straight after solution in water for injections. Dissolved drug can be stored in a refrigerator within 72 hours. Do not freeze. If you did not use the dissolved drug within 72 hours, you should dispose it. It is necessary to change the spot of injection each time to avoid burned fat effect (lipoatrophy). If you forgot to make one injection, you should not make double-dose injection on the next day; just stick to the administration plan.


The dose of NeoTropin is individual for each person. Usually, the dose is prescribed according to the body mass or body surface area of a patient.

In children with retardation of growth associated with growth hormone secretion disorders, the maximum dose is 0.5-0.7 IU per 1 kg of a body mass per week or 14-20 IU per 1 m2 of a body surface area per week.

In patients with hypogonadism (Turner syndrome): 1 IU of NeoTropin per 1 kg of a body mass per week or 28 IU per 1 m2 of a body surface area per week.

In patients with chronic renal insufficiency: 1 IU of NeoTropin per 1 kg of a body mass per week or 30 IU per 1 m2 of a body surface area per week. Maximum doses may be used in patients with very slow rate of growth. The dose may be corrected after 6 months of therapy according to the results of tests.

Growth hormone deficiency in adults: initial dose of 0.125 IU per 1 kg of a body mass per week for the first 4 weeks. The dose should be prescribed together with a patient according to relevant side effects. A weekly dose should consist of 7 injections.

With severe burns or multiple traumas, an initial dose varies from 8 to 16 IU per day after blood glucose level became stable. Usually, the therapy is started in 6 days from the date of burns or traumas and lasts 15-20 days.

In patient withstood surgery, it is recommended that 8 IU of the drug should be used for 10 days. The therapy is usually started in 2-3 days from the date of surgery.

With open ulcers, it is recommended that 0.2 IU of NeoTropin per 1 cm2 should be used 3 times per day. The therapy duration depends on cicatrisation speed.

If NeoTropin is used as a fat burner, the dose should be 4-8 IU per 24 hours.

If NeoTropin is used to gain muscle mass, the dose depends on the age (the older, the lower doses of the drug will show a positive effect) and on the sex (women should administrate half as much growth hormone as men to get similar effect). It is recommended that professional athletes should use NeoTropin in doses of 24-30 IU per 24 hours; non-professional athletes should use it in doses not less than 10-16 IU per 24 hours. The increase in strength is registered even with the dose of 4 IU every other day. Such increase in strength can be primarily explained by strengthening of ligaments. The effect will have been evident by the third-fourth injection and last for 2-3 weeks after the course termination. To get maximum effect, the course of NeoTropin should last not less than 60-90 days.


NeoTropin overdoses or intoxication are unknown. If you have injected too much of the growth hormone, please, consult your doctor.

Side effects

The side effects are usually mild and temporary at the beginning of NeoTropin use: cephalgia, muscle pain, joints rigidity, faintness, high level of sugar in blood (hyperglycemia), sugar urinary (glucosuria), swelling of hands and feet associated with water retention in them, redness and swelling in the spot of injection.

If you have such side effects, you should discuss possible change of a drug dose with your doctor. Rarely, your body may release antibodies to the growth hormone or you may suffer from high intracranial pressure. If you have cephalgia, problems with your eyes or if you feel sickliness or vomiturition, contact your doctor immediately.

Important: Children may very rarely suffer pain in the area of hip and knee joints or walk with a limp during therapy with the growth hormone. These symptoms may result from femoral epiphysis (i.e. bone ends covered with cartilage) friction. Scoliosis (curvature of spine) may progress in children that are growing too fast. Patients with evolving scoliosis should be monitored. Thyroid gland function should be periodically tested. Previous tumors in patients being treated with the growth hormone may recur as: leukaemia in children, recurrent brain tumor in children and adults. Nevertheless, there are no evidences that somatotropin can induce these diseases itself. Consult your doctor, if you think you may have such disposition.

incompatibility with other drugs

There is no information on NeoTropin incompatibility with other drugs.

Storage Conditions

If not mixed with water and not unpacked, NeoTropin may be stored at temperatures not exceeding 25°C (77°F) for a period of up to 1 month. Store the drug in a carton box in a dark place.

Expiry Date

NeoTropin is good for up to 2 years at temperature of 2-8 oС. The Neo Labs Company strictly observes the rules of transportation and storage in order you can buy the quality goods only!

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